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Quality Month Uphold the Beginner‘s Mind and Strictly Abide by Quality to Write a New Chapter of Strong Enterprise with Quality
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  September this year is the 44th "quality month" nationwide, the "quality month" activity takes " improve action in-depth implementation of quality, and vigorously promote the construction of quality power" the theme. Looking back at the development of the Far East, the success of the Far East cannot be separated from the word "quality" to some extent. In the past 36 years, the Far East has always adhered to the concept of "quality first, brand first", strictly adhered to the quality control, cast the ultimate quality with originality, led the high-quality development of the industry, and made unremitting efforts to promote the quality improvement.

  Successfully constructed according to the concept of quality orientation, the Far East built the strong quality of atmosphere in the company, and root quality consciousness to every employee in the heart through four true culture, quality management, quality education and quality promotion, quality research, quality competition, the quality of speech, and activities such as quality month. 

  The quality culture of the Far East is deeply rooted in people's hearts, and the quality management continues to improve. In recent years, the Far East has successfully established a complete quality management system and created a quality management model with full life cycle. The quality management model based on the quality of intelligence information management system, and combine its establish electrical equipment wisdom content platform in process of the "pre-sale, sale, after-sale, repurchase" to implement total quality management. This successfully realized the quality traceability from the whole process of order, research and development, procurement, production, storage, logistics, operation and maintenance, and greatly improved customer satisfaction.

  The key to quality improvement lies in people and needs to take root in practice. The low voltage special cable factory staff gao Mingfu won the honor of the Far East, and when it comes to the secret of his success, he said: making a plate of cable is very simple, but the hard part is repeated operations over years, the focus of the product quality, not to carry out a variety of quality inspection and control work. For example: if the same cable insulation thickness required 2.0mm, , the thickness is exactly 2.0mm under the control of the responsible; The insulation thickness of the cable will always need to be rounded to meet the standard if the staff is perfunctory. Deviation over years will cause a huge difference in material consumption, resulting in a waste of resources. More seriously, it will also affect the quality of products, and then affect the corporate brand image.

  As a leading enterprise in the cable industry in China, the Far East is committed to creating the ultimate products and services, and has been implementing the strategy of strong quality enterprise for 36 years. On the one hand, it promotes the development of enterprises to improve quality and efficiency, and comprehensively improves the quality of products and services. On the other hand, the Far East believes that improving the quality of products and services requires not only patience and sanity, but also innovation. The implementation of high-quality enterprises will also accelerate the generation of new driving forces, mainly scientific and technological innovation, and accelerate the transformation of old driving forces. Therefore, the strategy of strengthening corporate with quality is not only the guarantee of the brand and quality of the Far East, but also a "starting point" for the innovation of Far East.

  Under the efforts of generations of people from the Far East who work hard for high-quality enterprises, the Far East has maintained the leading position in the industry for 23 consecutive years. In the future, the Far East will continue to uphold the original aspiration, constantly strengthen the quality awareness, strict quality management, innovative quality construction, and write a new chapter of the Far East, so that the concept of "Far East cable, win global trust" will be deeply rooted in the hearts of every user.